About Nona

Sri Nona Food Industries and the brand NONA was incorporated in 1988. The project proved to be a success, leading to the incorporation of Sri Nona Industries Sdn Bhd which is now solely responsible for the production and development of NONA products.

NONA is a true Malaysian house brand with food product portfolios built on an in-depth understanding of local tastes and cooking styles to deliver high quality and convenience.

NONA ketupat (rice cake), oyster sauce, ginger drinks, kaya (coconut jam) and other Malaysian authentic food products are amongst Sri Nona's largest and most diverse product group.

Ever since the incorporation of Sri Nona food Industries Sdn Bhd, the company has been enjoying booming sales and wide acceptance by consumers. At the same time, the company received many enquiries from abroad. As a result, Sri Nona has successfully penetrated foreign market, especially into countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Japan and Singapore.

Nona's Mission

To become a successful Authentic Malaysian food manufacturer.
To produce quality products especially in the Halal food range


A Vision We Endevour To Realize